About Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion is an historic Parliamentary Constituency in the heart of Brighton. Surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of the South Downs and the blue of the English Channel, the constituency includes the famous Royal Pavilion, built for the Prince Regent, later George IV, the fantastically bohemian shopping and restaurant areas of the Lanes and North Laine and the world-renowned beachfront and Palace Pier.

It's a constituency that is also known for its unique cultural diversity, most famously for being home to Brighton's annual celebration of LGBT rights - Brighton Pride. It's the UK's largest Pride event every year, complementing perfectly the city's vibrant creative and musical culture.

However, Pavilion is also a constituency that continues to suffer from a failed experiment in Green politics, both locally and nationally. Residents' views are frequently ignored or disregarded, whilst policies often appear to be driven by Green dogma rather than common sense.

Whilst the wards nearer the centre of Brighton, such as St Peter's & North Laine and Regency, include many businesses that are vital for Brighton's tourism industry and its thriving digital economy, wards such as Withdean, Patcham and Preston Park are predominantly residential. A lot of people here rely on good rail links to London to commute to work, so it's imperative that rail services to and from the city must be kept updated and improved where possible. High fares and overcrowded travelling conditions for passengers remain pressing concerns for everyone.

With many young families living in the suburbs, too, the quality of Brighton's schools and its higher education institutions, along with the sufficient availability of high quality school places, remain central political priorities for the city's Conservative councillors and Clarence Mitchell as the Pavilion Parliamentary candidate.

While all of the UK knows that the local economy relies heavily on tourism - bringing into Brighton, as it does, 8 million people and almost a billion pounds a year - Brighton is home to other important economic sectors as well. There is a buoyant conference and business industry, with major international companies like American Express adding to the expanding financial sector. The manufacturing prowess of Brighton is also not to be underestimated.

Only with Clarence Mitchell as the Brighton Pavilion MP - a strong voice both locally and nationally who is fighting for all of the city's residents - will Brighton be able to begin fulfilling its true economic and cultural potential once again.