Prime Ministerial Visit

The Prime Minister visited the city yesterday to meet party members and announce a key policy regarding youth employment

New Regency Candidates

Please welcome the new Regency council candidates, Kevin and Jo Jameson!

Lively Debate at Sussex Uni

Last night I attended a lively debate at Sussex University for the Brighton Pavilion candidates.

Preston Park Cycle Track Campaign

I was happy to be present on Saturday at a campaign event aimed at securing improvements to the vital community asset that is the Preston Park Cycle Track.

Debate at IDS

A great debate was held at The Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University last night. All the major candidates for Brighton Pavilion took part in a lively discussion about the role of the UK in the world in a range of subjects from aid, global development, security and global warming.

Campaign Update

Clarence's team hit a range of locations, canvassing and delivering leaflets around the city.  

Proposed Loss of Preston Park Train Services

Clarence Mitchell, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion, spent an early morning at Preston Park Station advising commuters of proposed changes to a vital train route in the city and raising awareness of the limited time left for their views to be heard by the rail operator Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). New timetable changes could mean the loss of some services to and from Preston Park Station. Public consultation ends on Jan 30th.