Travellers should abide by the law, not be "tolerated" in yet more of our city parks - and it's not racist to say so

Jason Kitcat, the Green Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, is reported in The Argus today talking about further “tolerated" sites for travellers and suggests opening up yet more city spaces for them, including outlying parks. In so doing he is simply encouraging Brighton’s white van caravan to keep on growing. Frankly, he may as well put down a welcome mat at each site too.

Clarence condemns the Greens' council tax referendum stunt

The Greens on Brighton & Hove City Coucil have today proposed to hold a local referendum to seek an inflation-busting 4.75% increase in the city's Council Tax - a referendum that in itself would cost the city's hard-pressed, hard-working council tax payers nearly a quarter of a million pounds, money that could and should be better spent on the provision of council services.This also from a council that already raises its council tax demands, despite refusing Government funding to freeze it, while failing to ensure Brighton's rubbish is collected from the streets.