Clarence Praises Cameron's Conference Message

Clarence Mitchell joined thousands of Conservative supporters in Manchester this week when he attended the annual party conferences. Aside from attending the major speeches Clarence spent a lot of time at fringe events, supporting Swanswell, the national charity that works to eradicate problem alcohol and drug use (of which he is a trustee) and the Enterprise Forum, of which he is also a director. Clarence left energised by the strong messages from both the Prime Minister and Chancellor and inspired by the excellent speeches and presentations from many other delegates.

"Conference this year was both invigorating and inspiring. Two very strong speeches from The Prime Minister and the Chancellor; each entirely realistic and sober in their analysis of where we are in clearing up Labour's mess, yet optimistic in how we can, and will, do far more to create yet further growth and opportunity for hardworking people everywhere.

The PM's  "earn or learn" welfare reforms, particularly, will resonate with every parent who wants their children to succeed rather than opting for a life on the dole without hope.

The Education Secretary's speech and presentation on the value of the free school revolution was also one of the emotional highpoints, with Conference rising to its feet to applaud and praise the mother who broke down in tears when she said what a fundamental difference the free school philosophy had made to the education and upbringing of her son.

Our delegates left Manchester re-energised, knowing that with just 19 months to go, the election campaign is effectively already underway, with the battle-lines now clearly drawn. The country faces a  stark choice: electing a majority Conservative Government to deliver more growth, liberty and opportunity for all; or a return, in Ed Miliband's own words, to socialism, with all the attendant failings of state intervention, price controls, high taxation and borrowing that nearly brought Britain to its knees in the past." - Clarence

Help us finish the job of cleaning up Labour's mess - only under a majority Conservative Government can we make Britain once again an aspiration nation for hard-working people who want to get on.