Preston Park Cycle Track Campaign

On Saturday, I attended a large "Slow Ride" at Preston Park's cycle track. This was part of a campaign running to secure much needed funds in order to improve the site and bring it back up to British Cycling standards, which will enable competitive cycling to return to Preston Park. I was joined by a large Conservative presence, including many councillors and council candidates from across Brighton Pavilion.

The site is a great community asset and it is important that it returns to its former glory.Thousands of people used to watch cycle races at the site over the past 80 years and it can return to this impressive condition if much needed funding is found. The benefits of having an impressive velodrome are widespread; from bringing in new visitors for competitive racing to encouraging more people, young and old, to take up cycling for entertainment, excerise and community events.

I am proud to support such a worthwhile campaign and wish the group every success in the future. I hope to be able to champion their cause as the area's MP come May.


You can find the campaign group's Facebook page below, along with coverage of the event in The Argus:…