What I stand for

Brighton is known worldwide as one of Britain’s most exciting, diverse, creative and attractive cities. However, over the last few years it has suffered badly from the effects of a failed Green experiment, one that threatens to make the city a shadow of its former, proud self.

So my vision for the city is simple: Brighton now urgently needs to fulfil its huge economic and cultural potential once again - for both its residents and its visitors. Only with a strong voice in Parliament - one that will fight for the city’s recovery and prosperity at every turn - can Brighton’s restoration truly begin.

Locally, the Greens have failed to deliver on so many levels; parking controls that are strangling the local economy, industrial disputes that have left rubbish piling on the streets, as well as seeing recycling rates lower than they were under the previous council. Inexplicably, in a move that utterly ignores the real needs of people, they have increased council tax - despite the Government's pledge to fund a nation-wide freeze in council tax. All this, while the Green MP acts as a lone voice pursuing her own agenda, hopelessly isolated in Parliament.

As your representative in Parliament it will be my mission to deliver on Brighton’s real problems, dealing with issues that are directly relevant to the future success of both the City and its people.

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